Donation Needed!

Relay For Life KL 2008 will be held on 31st May-1st June, the weekend of World No Tobacco Day and International Cancer Survivor's Day, at the MSN Training Stadium, Bukit Jalil. We celebrate the advances in cancer, knowing that more cancers are being prevented and for those with cancer, more lives are being saved. We remember the loved ones lost and vow to fight back to make a difference in the lives of the future generation.

text and video from NCSM

I'll be joining this event this weekend, and all participants are asked to collect some donation for the NCSM.

as the T&C at the back of the Donation card says:

"All monies collected will be channelled to NCSM. Please note that no fees are to be paid to third parties.(the typing errors is purposely copied :P)

Anyone here care to donate?
please buzz me or leave a comment if U would like to donate!

Celebrate Remember Fight


sEapUt "c@ said...

aku takde istilah "no tobacco day" rip.. hari2 kene tobacco.. boleh donate gak ker camtuh?

Emila Yusof said...

Let me know how to donate directly as they mentioned not to pay to third parties ;P hehe

Anyway, monies are correct except for double ll in the supposed 'channeled'.

Pls note: 'errors are' or else 'error is'.

_s.u.e.r.i.e said...

aku tawu arep punya ati yg murni.. chewahh :) siap dpt free lecture kelmarin.. lol