Return to our roots?

KEMBALI is awesome!

01.JOGET GLOBAL /*marvelous!*/

02.BEBAS /*Relaxing tune*/

03.MAHARANI /*among my favourite!*/

04.TERUS TERANG /*Honesty is the best policy*/

05. AIR LIUR DI KUALA LUMPUR /*Nice tune, but why not create a new sample instead of using Vio-pipe?*/

06.LENGKAP SEMULA /*Reminds me of Anakku Sazali. Love the mind bogling sounds*/

07.MERDEKA /*Clasical tune with an "Umph!"... Brilliant!*/

08.1000 TAHUN /*In love with the music & lyrics.*/

09.GELOMBANG CINTA /*still trying to figure out this song... a bit awkward*/

10.MENDAKI MENARA CONDONG /*motivational? err... */

11.MATI HIDUP SEMULA. /*Feels like having a walk in the country side. happy :)*/

Who said that Butterfingers is too nirvana like? hahaha... what a fool.

I'm no expert in music, but I would love to define this as the true Malaysian ROCK!


Missing something

I miss playing basketball with my friends.
I miss having a vacation.
I miss Jamal.
I miss my life .