Salam Aidilfitri

Wishing all muslim a

happy aidilfitri.

let us forgive and forget.

hope that everyone will have a safe 'balik kampung' journey.
and obey the road rules!



Catching up session

Its been a while since i've updated my blog.
Been tangled up with commitments lately.
Pardon me if i owe anyone any tags or atc or etc, hehehe.
Just for highlights.

Spark! (17-21/08/08)

A worskshop by DiGi for youths from all around the nation
Got the chance to work with some celebrities.

*photos will be uploaded soon*

Met many youth and really envy their participation!

Kembali Showcase: Planet Hollywood (24/08/08)

Had a blast!

Merdeka (31/08/08)

Malaysian Independence Day.
Not as busy as the past years.
Haven't have to work this year!

Ramadhan (01/08/08)

Wishing a blessed fasting month to all muslim out there.
And for those residing near unisel shah alam,
Come and support Burger Api at the Param (Pasar Ramadhan) behind unisel.



At the pace i'm going, there's a lot of catching up to be done
Need to study smart!


Getting bored of some people who couldnt make up their minds.
Just make a decision and proceed already.
Hate going around in circles.


As if i have one?
Watch macross frontier before bed.
Cool Mecha!

main2 tag

>2 names you go by
arief & jiwasintetik

>2 things you wearing right now
boxer & short

>2 things you want very badly at the moment
sleep & money

>2 things you did last night just before bed
shut the lights & check my alarm

>2 thing you ate today
]mutton curry & manggo

>2 people you just spoke with
my dad & myself

>2 things you are doing tomorrow
work & study

>2 longest car rides
relatively jb -> kl being hungry & coming down cameron highland while feeling dizzy

>2 favorite beverages
milk & honey

>2+1 person who are chose to do this tag
faizal & agus & anyobody other bored person...

I ♥ Malaysia

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