borneo business 2

huh... its been a long and busy week! but i guess i should write about it later (if i have the chance that is). my borneo adventure hasn't been fully told.

after some rest, i join the camp dinner... man, i was hungry! stayed up that nite with jamal. had loads of cd to burn. lunch the next day, was sponsored by miss vani... we ate seafood at the floating restaurant. nice... then, we packed our things and checked out. everyone went to tawau except jamal, attin and me.jamal went home(hometown = semporna) and i followed attin to his home (attin = jamal's cousin). spent the night there.

the next day, we had some rest in the morning. then at afternoon we went to mabul island, nearest island to sipadan. huh, RM200 per boat! took the cheapest place to stay (arung hayan RM60 per person + meals). the island was small, but it was great. natives are bajau + sulu and had a chance to see half a wedding ceremony at nite. woke up late the next morning and went swimming. it was fantastic, well... until i steped on a sea urchin. damn... still feel the pain. and i saw a MAN MADE 'sea cucumber' floating around... so i retreated to the beach. packed our things and went back. unfortunate enough none of us who went to mabul had a camera...

stayed a few day more in semporna and then jamal and me went to kota kinabalu to meet the others. it cost rm45 for a bus ticket to kk. departed at 7.30 pm and reached there around 4.30 am.

got loads of work to settle rite now. so i better continue this later. chow!


borneo business 1

huh... i'm back in the peninsular once again. borneo was marvelous! really looking forward to go there again maybe with my friend or family... hahah... its totally cool!

the two weeks in sibu was fine. quite regret the fact that i didnt had the chance to taste 'buah dabai' and take the express (a common boat transport between towns situated by the river). but i did had the chance to taste some othet local cousine.

after two weeks in sibu, my next destination was semporna. first i had to take a plane to kk first which had to stop at bintulu for transit. it sucked. we came down, queue up at the immigration, and rushed back up the plane. four of us (sea' er, zam and me) reached kk, and i was the only one who wanted to go to semporna. so i took a 1.30 plane to tawau. reached there around 2.15 and then took a bus to tawau town. took a taxi to sabindo square where i took a bus to semporna. quite proud coz i got there and wasnt anyone to guide me. reached seafest hotel at 5 pm and took a break.

heheh... i think i'll take a break now.



yeah! camp 18, sibu is finally over. it was fun, but there's something else in my mind... semporna. i dont think that i'll be online for a week.

my flight is scheduled at 9.30 am. i'll be in kk by 11am. my flight to tawau will be at 1.30 pm if i'm not mistaken... so i'll most probably be in semporna around 4 pm, tomorrow.

here goes nothing. semporna here i come!


caution! low voltage.

phew.... its been quite a while since i updated my blog. been very tired lately. lots of things to do and so many things in my head. fatigue... so tired that i even slept while talking on the phone (twice in fact!). sorry... its just that i was just too damn tired but i still wanted to talk. but, my body just wouldn't take it. its the first time i felt 'lump' during morning excercise.

there was an outing today. really felt tired. i tought that my school didn't want to take a walk around town because its their home town, but they were very excited to show mearound sibu. huh... guess it was just impolite to reject their offer, so i follewed them around eventough my legs were killing me and my eyeballs could pop out any second. thank god they finished their tour early (around 4.30pm).

counting days till the end of the camp. i'm really looking forward to go to semporna. anyway, i've been told today that my tickets were actually in the waiting list. hope i'll be able to go according to my plan.

semporna... wait for me!


slumber party!

huh... what a relief! slept the whole day. well... not actually the whole day, but from 2 til 6 pm. its been a while since i slept in the middle of the day. urm... but i pity a few faci's in sabah. all of the peninsular participant missed their flight this morning, so a few of the faci's (jamal, payed amongst them) had to accompany them at the airport. they just got back around 8pm something.

yesterday closing was ok. my flash sucked... huh. the deco was so slast minute. i'm really a lousy leader, maybe coz i really dont like to order people around. humph... i guess i need to be a bit harsh on others.

anout the dinner... it wasnt that successful. we failed to make every one cry. hahaha. but everything else went fine.

anyway, if u wanna check out the photos here's the link...



mission accomplished?

finally the first camp here in sibu has officially finished. now we can all rest. gotta recharge the body for the next camp. like to write more but i dont think i could stay awake that long. so maybe i'll write what's on my mind tommorrow. sleep time...



hafdzuan said that prinze won against phantom... wow! i'm really impressed. really, its just like a miracle. did u guys used any witchcraft or something? anyway, congratz on the win... i'll pray u guys success. hope u guys would keep it up.


we always hope...