borneo business 1

huh... i'm back in the peninsular once again. borneo was marvelous! really looking forward to go there again maybe with my friend or family... hahah... its totally cool!

the two weeks in sibu was fine. quite regret the fact that i didnt had the chance to taste 'buah dabai' and take the express (a common boat transport between towns situated by the river). but i did had the chance to taste some othet local cousine.

after two weeks in sibu, my next destination was semporna. first i had to take a plane to kk first which had to stop at bintulu for transit. it sucked. we came down, queue up at the immigration, and rushed back up the plane. four of us (sea' er, zam and me) reached kk, and i was the only one who wanted to go to semporna. so i took a 1.30 plane to tawau. reached there around 2.15 and then took a bus to tawau town. took a taxi to sabindo square where i took a bus to semporna. quite proud coz i got there and wasnt anyone to guide me. reached seafest hotel at 5 pm and took a break.

heheh... i think i'll take a break now.


zaidi said...

hohoh...mana gambar gile?

dgtalwar said...

tahnye.... gamba tu yg paling penting.....