far away...

days go by so fast... yet waiting is always a bane. when will my holiday come? heh... the fourth day in sibu has almost come to end. feels like just yesterday i stayed up with jamal at klia waiting for the morning flight. now im here in sibu and jamal is far over there in semporna. whattaheck... im gonna go there anyway, eventually... heheh.

i heard prinze lost. big time! well, i have nothin to say but good luck for the next game. maybe they'll get lucky. perhaps... there is still a far way to go.

oh yeah... MAS rang me up. asking me to go to their interview. and once again i had to postpond it. its the third time i postpond my interview with them, as if im some kinda hot stuff or something. they wanted me to go there on the third of august. duh... i'm here in sarawak okay!@! duh... like a thousand mile away from there dude!!

gotta chow... so long!



huarrghh... i'm so damn sleepy! hadn't have the oppurtunity to sleep last night. procrastinate my work too long. well, what can i do? to many things to do in so little time. its been a very busy weekend. i even missed the weekend cartoons.

yesterday erin, meen, nixam, and me went to zoo negara. hahah, it's been quite a while since we've went there. nixam and meen wanted to join a digital photography contest, but meen suddenly changed her mind so i took her place... we were excited at first, but when the pro arrived with their telescope and expensive equipment... huh.

i might be going to klia tonite coz our flight is at 7am tomorrow. i have to wake up around 4 am to take the van our company hired. i dont think i can do so since i've been awake since yesterday.

the 'warehouse' aint opened yet. i'm dying to take a nap downstairs... gotta sleep during office hour coz i dont wanna sleep during flight. hah. i cant even remember the last time i took a flight . i meant a real airplane... an airbus or whatever, the microflight doesnt count okay. flying over melaka on a simple aircraft, not exceeding 2000 ft isn't the same (eventhough i had the oppurtunity to steer the aircraft :P )

peace... and good nite!



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  • 21.7.05

    change of plans...

    change. its a neccesity in life. we often fear changes, pulling us out of our comfort zone. i've been anxious about going to sabah for quite a while now, but now... heheh. the company had decided to send me to sibu a few days ago, for two camps. i was really pissed off. yesterday, after much persuading, they agreed to send me to semporna after the second camp for the third sabah camp. i was very excited then... however, today they declared that the sabah third camp is postponed! damn it! now i have to spend some money to book a flight by myself to go to sabah. what a waste. i was really looking forward to see a bajau wedding ceremony on the 28th. since the third camp is cancelled my one week holiday has to be brought forward and end on the 21st. by the way, i dont think i'll be able to reach semporna if so. umh...

    had a little coflict yesterday. surely made me unable to think straight. made me sleep around 4.30am, which made me woke up after 8am. coincidently made me late for work today. its the first time i arrive after 9. heheheh...

    it seems that i succeded to put the problem aside for the time being. i hope that it wouldn't bother me again.

    have some work to settle. and the computers in the office are very super duper "fast". even opening a coral-draw file takes an eternity. the company seriusly have to change the computers if they want any work done! gotta finish it before i go back.




    watch war of the world last friday with jamal. heh, awesome effects man! but i have to say it was totally a no-brainer.if those aliens were planing to invade earth some millions of years ago, why not do it then? when their tech were a zillion years ahead of us! okay, nizam said they waited that long just to study the human race. duh... why aren't there any fail safe plan? maybe a zombie would say it was logical. another thing, if those aliens were so advance, why cant they invent something better then a motion detector? is that the best they can do? they can at least use a thermal detector or some kinda infra-red device, duh! c'mon man... even hapis(pet) robots in the robofest competition can do better than that! as if the aliens were on a tight budget. and that racheal kid, huh, was she really claustrophobic? she didn't even scream for her mom when she was put in a small cage waiting for death. i know that i'd be screaming my guts out if i was in that situation. that soldier in the same cage, why must he wait till the hero to be sucked to take action? nobody helped the poor guy which was sucked before the hero. well i guess that guy wasn't that important. about the ending, i dont wanna say a thing. i know u can figure it out by yourself.


    shut my eyes and rest?

    hehehe... i'm still a little bit tired eventough its almost a week after we've came back from the last camp. last night i came home late and took the star lrt as ussual, and as assual, i sat and went sailing. muahahha.... i ended up at sri petaling not sungai besi. thank god peparu was able to fetch me. thanx a lot man! i owe u one!

    there might not be much to do in the office today so i might better recharge my body. off to my cardboard box hideout...


    i'll be back?

    i'm going home tomorrow! we'll be leaving at 1pm. might reach kl by night. its been a great time here... well except during the closing that is. i was the mc. damn i was nervous... there were a swarm of butterflies in my stomach! did many mistakes. hehehe, rookie!

    anyway, i'm sure i'll be missing this place. the place is great, the food is fantastic. thanx gem beach resort! but the drainage is the only down factor. maybe i'll be coming back here someday.

    i almost forgot, i was told that i'll be sent to semporna next month. Jamal's hometown. hehhe...


    syntax error

    hahaha... what am i supposed to do? should i stay and work as a faci for another month? if i stay being a faci i'll be going to sabah next month, but if so, what will happen if MAS calls again. heh, damn it man. and if i stop working, i might be joining the mb cup. huh... i really missed playng basketball. i just hate making these sort of decision. i really would love to go to sabah. i WANT to go to sabah. if i dont go, it would be like... er... it will just break my heart.

    actually, i am really thinking of quiting this job by the end of the month, but i'm afraid of letting it go. heh... its not like there is something certain for me if i quit, but if i stay...

    my heart tells me to stay yet quiting seems to be the most logical thing to do... what shall i do? i really want to follow my heart, but it seems that it will only make things more difficult for me.


    time out.

    the third day is over. thank god everything went well. im in charge of being the traffic controler in this camp. heheh, a simple task for a simple man. muahahha, luckily thats my only side task in this camp, beside of taking care of sk melayu pusat from sarawak.

    till today, i haven't woke up late yet... never miss the morning exercise yet.cought the sunrise everyday. but unluckily i'm too busy to take the picture. maybe on the last day i'll be able to do so.

    today haris rang me. he asked me to join the mb cup team. i'd really like to play. but maybe i wont be playing... just wait and see.


    twinkle twinkle little star...

    twinkle twinkle little star,
    all is good for so far...
    except for some bruises and some scar.

    it's the second day here in terengganu. the resort we're staying in is quite nice. last night i went to the sea side with jamal. we just talked and gazed into the star filled sky. enjoying god's creation... 100% pure. nothing synthetic about it, well... i think. maybe there are a few artificial satelite among those stars, but i bet it doesn't shine as bright.

    actually i'm a bit tired right now. maybe its the weather. its totaly hot during the day, and we've been moving inside and outside the air-conditioned hall frequently. huh... if this goes on for a week or so, every one of us would surely fall sick.

    tomorrow's the registration day. i'm in charge of traffic control. maybe its time for some shut-eyes


    fast forward

    not enough rest? hell yeah! we've just came back from penang last monday and today we're departing for terengganu. i'm still tired from the last camp. and only yesterday we were told that we were to depart today. before that it was said that we'll be going on friday. well, i guess it is for the best.

    erm... cham is leaving for new zealand shortly and i wont be able to see him leaving malaysia since i'll be in terengganu. wish him all the best. heh, surely i wont be seeing him for a long while.

    ... nothing else to say for now. i guess i better get ready for the next camp now.