huarrghh... i'm so damn sleepy! hadn't have the oppurtunity to sleep last night. procrastinate my work too long. well, what can i do? to many things to do in so little time. its been a very busy weekend. i even missed the weekend cartoons.

yesterday erin, meen, nixam, and me went to zoo negara. hahah, it's been quite a while since we've went there. nixam and meen wanted to join a digital photography contest, but meen suddenly changed her mind so i took her place... we were excited at first, but when the pro arrived with their telescope and expensive equipment... huh.

i might be going to klia tonite coz our flight is at 7am tomorrow. i have to wake up around 4 am to take the van our company hired. i dont think i can do so since i've been awake since yesterday.

the 'warehouse' aint opened yet. i'm dying to take a nap downstairs... gotta sleep during office hour coz i dont wanna sleep during flight. hah. i cant even remember the last time i took a flight . i meant a real airplane... an airbus or whatever, the microflight doesnt count okay. flying over melaka on a simple aircraft, not exceeding 2000 ft isn't the same (eventhough i had the oppurtunity to steer the aircraft :P )

peace... and good nite!

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freedom_fighter said...

yo! MB cup disaster! kalah ....beb....hahaha .. ko ni memang nostradamus la ...

anyway ... ko gi sabah amik gambar banyak2 ok .... pastu usya2 la harga smua .. nak gak backpacking/trekking sabah lak...