far away...

days go by so fast... yet waiting is always a bane. when will my holiday come? heh... the fourth day in sibu has almost come to end. feels like just yesterday i stayed up with jamal at klia waiting for the morning flight. now im here in sibu and jamal is far over there in semporna. whattaheck... im gonna go there anyway, eventually... heheh.

i heard prinze lost. big time! well, i have nothin to say but good luck for the next game. maybe they'll get lucky. perhaps... there is still a far way to go.

oh yeah... MAS rang me up. asking me to go to their interview. and once again i had to postpond it. its the third time i postpond my interview with them, as if im some kinda hot stuff or something. they wanted me to go there on the third of august. duh... i'm here in sarawak okay!@! duh... like a thousand mile away from there dude!!

gotta chow... so long!

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freedom_fighter said...

2nd game menang ngan phantom

beza point dekat2 10 point