Take 5

1.20 am. giving my mind a break.
3.30 seems so far away when the brain is fried.

So many things to do.

Good luck to everyone



Malaysia lost to vietnam.
Penalty shoot out.
I tought that watching football at bukit jalil tonite wouldv'e release some tension.
I guessed wrong :-(


Unleashing Ideas

Life is a bit hectic lately.
Working on a project called Global Entrepreneurship Week, Malaysia.
Loads of work and missed a few night classes.
I think I need a vacation.


Back to work

Hope that everyone had a safe journey home after the ray holiday.

Time to go back to work

Many asked me if I went to Sabah during the Eidulfitri holiday.
Well, no i did not.

Maybe on Eiduladha.
Care to join?!

-test post via mms