revenge is sweet.

its been three days since i post any blog. well, i dont think i'd write much when i'm not in camp (dont have any internet cconnection at home).

the camp closing went on great! all the vips and the BIG BOSS was very satisfied. i was satisfied... nothing went wrong at the closing dinner as well, except that the fact of the cyberlab trainers were made it a little dull. we went home the next morning and reached kl about 4.30.

i reached 'my home town' at 8pm. settle down and went to maulana. man... it felt great. everyone was there. well, except for syed. huh, but i guess i could say everyone. stayed there till 2.30 am and went home to the arms of my darling (my computer). muahahaha...

yesterday was the best part. i woke up with a all from mas asking me to go to an interview on wednessday. i was quite terrified because i wasn't prepared at all. 5 minutes later they rang again and said the interview was postponed. huh... what a relief.

i went to see jasmine's drum class that morning. what a fast learner she is. at this rate, she'll master it at no time. that afternoon, wan, min, wafi and i went to the mines. fattened ourself with kfc and debated about how universal ice-creams are.

then it was revenge time! i played basketball after two and a half week living without playing any sport. it was ok. i guess i was a little down about basketball. but that night we played futsal like hell! muahahah... we play two hours of futsal, and i only rested for about 15 minutes (feel quite guilty about it, but what the heck... i have a thirst for playing) damn it felt great. i scored every game when i was the midfielder. never scored this many goal my intire life. went back to maulana then went back home.

i woke up quite late this morning. maybe it was because of the rain, or maybe my body was fatigue. erm... guess, i better go down to the warehause to get some rest...


tensile stress

huh! i'm so damn tired.there's so many thing left to do. tomorrow is the closing ceremony, and this time there a hell lot of vips coming. thank god that i'm only in charge as the assistant technical support. i hope it will all go well.

there's still much to be done so there's no point wasting time writing this blog.hahah... chow



i wont write long today. i'm trying to sleep early to get more sleep. believe me, i NEED it. i woke up late again! thank god it was only 7 am. usually i would wake up at 6.15. damn... everyday i'm the room alarm clock, so automaticly my roommate were also late. and unfortunately me and my roommate were the camp technician. so, everything went hay-wire during the morning excercise because of us being late.

urm... the hotel was also inconsistant. i'm in charge of f&b so i'm supposed to make sure that all the food and beverage are prepared on time. they're usually on time, but today? humph! the supper came late. maybe its my fault for not pushing them. people often take things for granted. i really dont like to push people around. maybe i should ne more harsh, SHOULD I?


and then came thursday...

kinda sleepy rite now, maybe i burned out to much energy during the outing. it just feel kinda strange to feel this sleepy at this time of the night. maybe i turn in early tonight.

about the outing... today we went to chowrasta bazaar again. the camp participant were happy, but we facilitators mostly just went for a drink at a restaurant with a awkward name. 'restoran janji manis' (again... where we went last week) was the restaurant's name.

after that we went to tesco. i really dont get it, why tesco? oh well... at least someone bought us mcD there. then we went to the boutanical garden. it kinda consufe me, there weren't that many flowers there but why is it called so. they might as well call it monkey garden. there were so many monkey there, we even saw a monkey couple fuckin in front of the kids. hehehehheh...

i guess i better get some sleep. chow...


in the calm.

muahahah, my roommates and i woke up early. everything was great today. there weren't any serious difficulty. erm... it almost two weeks since i last sat wasting my time at maulana. man i miss serdang. i wonder what are you guys up to? well, what can i do? i still have about 5 days more. yesterday i've got a call from MAS asking me to come for the interview this friday but i had to ask them to postpond it. it seems that i have to wait a little longer. well i guess i wouldn't be a facilitator that long. whatever i do, i really hope i succeed in it!

its been a while since i soot some hoops. i bet suck big time. wan will be joining aris's team i guess. that's i wiser choice to make. at least there's a higher chance of playing happily. i really hope they would play better from before... i dont think i'll be joining this year. fed-up maybe... wish u guys good luck.


camp 15... GO!!!!

yeah, today was great. no worries, no hastle, except at night when we weren't allowed to use the ballroom. we had to move to the lab for the opening ceremony. luckily everything went well.

me and my room mates (payed and yusz) woke up early this morning. actually to make up for yesterday. hahahah... this camp i'm in charge of f&b and to assist payed as technical support. i'm also in charge of sk jalan hang tuah 1. the kids and teacher were ok. so far so good.

looking forward for smooth sailing ahead. for the time being, it seems so. may luck be with me!


prepare... for the worst?

for the first time in the camp i woke up late... hahah. i missed the morning exercise. kak ida was pissed off about it. damn. everyone couldn't believe that i woke up late. ruining my great reputation . spoil.

anyway, after breakfast i went to komtar again to buy something. i'm in charge of f&b. payed settled his compound. then we went up komtar tower. 60 floors at all. thet charge RM five per person. very nice view of penang from there.

well... nothin more interesting to tell. well, i hope this camp wont be as stressful. I BELIEVe that it wont be that stressful... hahahah.


amother day of rest

rain again... just when we were thinking of going to bukit bendera. well, what can i say. its god will... since it rained, we had no choice but to stay in for the afternoon.

at six thirty we went to the night market at batu feringghi. nothin that interesting there, so payed and i went to the beach to take a few photograph of the sunset. at least here we have a better view of the sunset then were we stayed.

after our little trip, we came back to the hotel and had dinner. well, not all of us actually. the others went to a restaurant near by to have dinner. just me and payed came back to the hotel (trying to save some money).

at night, we did a little work just to fill spare time. erm... such a boring day. maybe we'll have a better day tomorrow.


rest a while

rest. it really feels great! last night me and 5 other friends spent the whole night at the beach. its been a while since the last time i did something like this. more than a year actually... in perhentian. anyway, we got back around 6 something. had a great time.

all of the camp participant departed today, along with a few more faci (jamal, pipi, er and sea'). kinda boring without jamal around. hehheh... they departed around 10 am. after sending them away, i slept. the first time during the camp i could sleep so soundly. slept from around 11 till 4 pm. damn i needed it.

we have just watch mr and ms smith and also batman begins. watched the movies using the the big screen. hahaha... what else should we do?

tomorrow is another day for rest. thinking of going outing tomorrow, but where to? hurm, let tomorrow be what it shall...


cut... and that's a wrap.

heheh... today's the last day. AT LAST! been waiting for quite a while for tomorrow. yet i'm not sure that i really want tomorrow to come. heheh, funny it is being a human. wanting and not wanting the same thing at the same time. funny, but thats how we human usually feel... especially when it is somthing u really fancy. how complicated can we be?

as i was saying, today is the last day. did some boria rehearsal this morning. then we went for friday prayers at the new floating mosque near tanjung bunga. it was quite interesting. then there was the closing ceremony which lasted till around 5:30pm. dont even want to comment about the boria. then we (the facilitator) had a briefing followed by our dinner. at last, no more cyberkids t-shirt. everyone got emotional during dinner (as usual).

fatigued and all stressed out. felling like i'm gonna crumble down into pieces. cant even think straight lately. i just wanna shout aloud... scream my tongue out... arggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...


bla...bla...bla... take five...

tired. not much to say about today...

i almost broke a monitor today... like a bull in a china shop. i stumbled an almost knock down a monitor. thank god my reflex was fast. what a scene it could be if it fell.hahhah... so damn typical of me.

as ussual, some test were given and i dare not say that i pass with flying color. quite pissed off with the boria kids. playing around to much. really gives me a headache.

duh. the lab is so fucking cold. feels like i wanna piss every ten minutes. the wc is waiting for me. tommorow i have to act my best. many vip's gonna be here. better get some rest.

break a leg!!


penang camp 1, take four! ...action!

there werent much work today. after the morning excersice, we had breakfast and the class as ussual. but today, the students just had to present their powerpoint show. then everyone just surf the net. after lunch, we went out.

we went to dewan seri pinang to see an exhibition. there were drawings drawn by school students from malaysia & japan. there were a few very awsome paintings. i dont think i could produce such art. then we went to 1 stop - pulau tikus. played daytona. never played it before. what a out of date guy i am. after that we went to some sort of bazaar in penang. i dont remember its name. did something i wasn't supposed to do, and now i'm spending time regreting it. hahahah... dûmbköft(stupid)!

(having a break at a retaurant with jamal)

dont know why, but i think lately i'm not myself at all. maybe because of the non-stop acting. maybe its just me. just tought of the steps for the boria. very simple movements. such a rookie i am. i'm quite pissed off rite now. one of the teacher from the school that i'm in charge of didnt show up tonight. it really spoiled my work plans.

the play is already halfway done, yet the most difficult part is yet to come...

break a leg!


er... take three? action?

today was boring... nah... today i wrote lyrics for the closing performance 'boria'. now i agree that most great ideas comes in the water closet. hahaha, it aint that great but, whataheck? who cares? but i must admit, i had some help :P

Assalamualaikum kami ucapkan,
Salam sejahtera hadirin sekalian,
Boria cyberkids camp kami persembahkan,
Untuk semua jadikan hiburan.

Lead 1
ICT di sana ICT di sini,
Ilmu dicari petang dan pagi,
Jiwa terbentuk iman di hati,
Seiring akhirat juga duniawi.

Salam bersalam tanda kemesraan,
Seminggu kita semua menjayakan,
Boria cyberkids camp membuat persembahan,
Moga terhibur anda sekalian,

Lead 2
Di dalam dunia globalisasi,
Setiap detik harus dihargai,
Dengan adanya ilmu ICT,
Tiada pening kepala lagi.

Salam bersalam tanda kemesraan,
Seminggu kita semua menjayakan,
Boria cyberkids camp membuat persembahan,
Moga terhibur anda sekalian,

Lead 3
Ilmu ICT kami dilatih,
Terus gembira walaupun letih,
Bersyukurkami kerna dipilih,
KTAK Maxis, terima kasih

Salam bersalam tanda kemesraan,
Seminggu kita semua menjayakan,
Boria cyberkids camp membuat persembahan,
Moga terhibur anda sekalian,

Sekian dulu persembahan kami,
Salah dan silap ‘please’ dimaafi,
Kalau ada kem di lain kali,
Janganlah lupa panggilah kami.

...got other things to say but i'm feeling tired. maybe later...



camp 1 penang...take 2... action!

as i said before, yesterday sucked! BIG TIME! the penang 'play' really is challanging... thanks to someone i really dont want to mention about. just an actress in this on going play, on the stage of life. i almost bended my own principle, which i also wouldn't want to mention about.

there's nothing real anymore... you're pure, she's so synthetic...

a part of butterfingers lyric that i presume could summerize the situation. yesterday was the toughest test for me. alhamdulillah, i was strong enough...though it really caused serious damage to me!

to be continued...


one, two, three... action!

today my life as a facilitator in camp penang starts. interesting place this island is. staying in tanjung bungah beach hotel. got a twin room at the fifth floor, together wth payid and yusz. we've been here for 3 days already. i had to be the wake-up caller till today, and thank god i can assign the task to someone else tommorow... phew. it 'seems' that everything is going accordingly...

on the second day here a few friends and me went out to komtar. actually i was thinking of going to fort cornwalis to see a gig, but we all had to come back to the hotel by 8pm. which means no can do... damn! there were a lot of interesting bands in the gig and i missed it. oh well, maybe things will turn up nicely (heh, right!).

at komtar that day my friend got compound for littering... ahah. he threw away a cigarate butt in front of komtar and had to pay up 30 bucks for it. way to go! haah... nicely done? anyway, because of that we changed our plan which was firstly to go on top of komtar and experience a bird's eye view of penang and just go window shopping. lame?

anyway... today, my life as a faci had begun. life is a play as the saying goes... and this 'stage' requires a me to play a part as a faci that is always happy, friendly, respectable, always smiling and everything else nice. in other words, a HIPOCRIT? (haha, is the spelling right?, but i think u know what i mean.)

would like to write more today but i think i better go to sleep. its been a looooooong day. and it sucked!it was worser than a malay drama..it seems that i'm not the only one acting... but i'll finish up this tomorrow (i think).