cut... and that's a wrap.

heheh... today's the last day. AT LAST! been waiting for quite a while for tomorrow. yet i'm not sure that i really want tomorrow to come. heheh, funny it is being a human. wanting and not wanting the same thing at the same time. funny, but thats how we human usually feel... especially when it is somthing u really fancy. how complicated can we be?

as i was saying, today is the last day. did some boria rehearsal this morning. then we went for friday prayers at the new floating mosque near tanjung bunga. it was quite interesting. then there was the closing ceremony which lasted till around 5:30pm. dont even want to comment about the boria. then we (the facilitator) had a briefing followed by our dinner. at last, no more cyberkids t-shirt. everyone got emotional during dinner (as usual).

fatigued and all stressed out. felling like i'm gonna crumble down into pieces. cant even think straight lately. i just wanna shout aloud... scream my tongue out... arggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...


dgtalwar said...

kire lepas ni ko balik la?

freedom_fighter said...

you coming home? .. you coming back to graceland finally?