i wont write long today. i'm trying to sleep early to get more sleep. believe me, i NEED it. i woke up late again! thank god it was only 7 am. usually i would wake up at 6.15. damn... everyday i'm the room alarm clock, so automaticly my roommate were also late. and unfortunately me and my roommate were the camp technician. so, everything went hay-wire during the morning excercise because of us being late.

urm... the hotel was also inconsistant. i'm in charge of f&b so i'm supposed to make sure that all the food and beverage are prepared on time. they're usually on time, but today? humph! the supper came late. maybe its my fault for not pushing them. people often take things for granted. i really dont like to push people around. maybe i should ne more harsh, SHOULD I?

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freedom_fighter said...

arip ape nak jadi ko nie . .tak punctual langsung ...