prepare... for the worst?

for the first time in the camp i woke up late... hahah. i missed the morning exercise. kak ida was pissed off about it. damn. everyone couldn't believe that i woke up late. ruining my great reputation . spoil.

anyway, after breakfast i went to komtar again to buy something. i'm in charge of f&b. payed settled his compound. then we went up komtar tower. 60 floors at all. thet charge RM five per person. very nice view of penang from there.

well... nothin more interesting to tell. well, i hope this camp wont be as stressful. I BELIEVe that it wont be that stressful... hahahah.

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freedom_fighter said...

lerr bangun lambat ape sial .. ko ni ape nak jadi ni