amother day of rest

rain again... just when we were thinking of going to bukit bendera. well, what can i say. its god will... since it rained, we had no choice but to stay in for the afternoon.

at six thirty we went to the night market at batu feringghi. nothin that interesting there, so payed and i went to the beach to take a few photograph of the sunset. at least here we have a better view of the sunset then were we stayed.

after our little trip, we came back to the hotel and had dinner. well, not all of us actually. the others went to a restaurant near by to have dinner. just me and payed came back to the hotel (trying to save some money).

at night, we did a little work just to fill spare time. erm... such a boring day. maybe we'll have a better day tomorrow.


jasminebintighazalli said...

apasal mcm tak best je life kat sana... sepatutnya best aa kan?

dgtalwar said...

betul tu min!.... x de mat saleh bugil kat pantai ke?

freedom_fighter said...

wei .. balik graceland la