revenge is sweet.

its been three days since i post any blog. well, i dont think i'd write much when i'm not in camp (dont have any internet cconnection at home).

the camp closing went on great! all the vips and the BIG BOSS was very satisfied. i was satisfied... nothing went wrong at the closing dinner as well, except that the fact of the cyberlab trainers were made it a little dull. we went home the next morning and reached kl about 4.30.

i reached 'my home town' at 8pm. settle down and went to maulana. man... it felt great. everyone was there. well, except for syed. huh, but i guess i could say everyone. stayed there till 2.30 am and went home to the arms of my darling (my computer). muahahaha...

yesterday was the best part. i woke up with a all from mas asking me to go to an interview on wednessday. i was quite terrified because i wasn't prepared at all. 5 minutes later they rang again and said the interview was postponed. huh... what a relief.

i went to see jasmine's drum class that morning. what a fast learner she is. at this rate, she'll master it at no time. that afternoon, wan, min, wafi and i went to the mines. fattened ourself with kfc and debated about how universal ice-creams are.

then it was revenge time! i played basketball after two and a half week living without playing any sport. it was ok. i guess i was a little down about basketball. but that night we played futsal like hell! muahahah... we play two hours of futsal, and i only rested for about 15 minutes (feel quite guilty about it, but what the heck... i have a thirst for playing) damn it felt great. i scored every game when i was the midfielder. never scored this many goal my intire life. went back to maulana then went back home.

i woke up quite late this morning. maybe it was because of the rain, or maybe my body was fatigue. erm... guess, i better go down to the warehause to get some rest...


freedom_fighter said...

wei robinho

dgtalwar said...

robinho?.... bukan robinho la... tu reyes tu.... nak ganti si poza a tu