Just Married

To the love of my life!

Sea side breakfast

My last breakfast as a bachelor by the sea. In a few more hours, i'll be joining the ranks of wan, zaidi, arab, beck and bali. Huhuhu...


Butterflies in my system.

Rite now i'm spending my last 24 hours as a bachelor at floating@semporna. Very nervous and exited. I guess beck and bali had just ended their bachelor status. Congrats... Wish me luck!


A new leaf.

Painted my room to a new color. Bye bye red. I'll be missing my red room. A friend of mine used to say that i should try red to raise my confidence. Thanks for the advice. Starting a new chapter in my life soon. In fact i'm on my way to the airport right now. Wish me luck!


in my mind

Will be leaving for Sabah in two days!

So many things in my mind now... yikes!


i'm on gew site

Hey, what do you know. I'm on the frontpage of the GEW site.


Counting days