perjalanan baru

semalam aku keluar dengan kelly dan fiza(my ex). lama tak keluar sama-sama. masing-masing dah ada perjalanan hidu baru. kelly dah nak transfer ke skudai, dan fiza dah ada 'orang baru' dalam hidup dia. i'm happy for her walaupun sedikit terkilan pasal dia takde pun bagitau aku selama ni(satu tahun dah dia ada orang baru).

life must go on...

kelly ada tanya aku satu soalan yang cukup menarik perhatian aku. dia punya ayat lebih kurang camni laa... "apa yang kita ada sekarang biasanya membuatkan kita terlepas apa yang lebih baik kan?". aku cukup bersetuju... 1000%. apa boleh buat, manusia lebih suka sesuatu yang pasti, dan mengharapkan sesuatu yang tak pasti biasanya memeritkan, aku rasa laa... aku tak tau lak orang lain rasa macam mana kan? masing-masing taknak yang dikendong berciciran bukan?

tak baik tamak...


rahsia ka?


kita mahukan pilihan.
tapi itu pilihan kita ke?
tak semua pilihan kita betul.
apa pilihan yang betul sebenarnya?
pilihan membuatkan kita bebas.
seronok ke bebas membuat pilihan?
aku mahukan pilihan.
tapi aku tak suka pilihan!
aku tak pandai membuat pilihan.
menulis dalam bahasa melayu pilihan terbaruku.


calm mind?

its been quite a calm week for me. hehe, almost all assignments are finished and i dont think i have to work this weekend (perhaps). doing the backdrop for the futsal competition right now. jamal will be on the futsal working team this weekend. perhaps i should join in.my officemates are busy playng fantasy football for the champoins league. i'm on top of the office league for the time being. hahaha... speaking of champions league, milan won 3-1. thank god! i accidentaly slept early last night and woke up at 2.30 in the morning. so i watch last night game. heh, coincidence, i wasn't planing to it but, whatdaheck.


jelly belly...

the camera batery depleted just before the show... this was the best i can do


rally reunite?

last night, there was an appreciation dinner for the merdeka rally. besides the ceo and project managers, only kak ogy, kak faz, jamal and pipi and me were invited. pipi and me and also three maxis volunteer came around 2 pm to decorate and set up the place. heh... and i tought that we were just there to party. the food was nice and many 'big man' were there though i think the club house was a bit too packed. it was fun, tough kak ogy, kak faz and jamal went home early (they left their lucky draw tag with me) and jamal's ticket was lucky. got a trip to phuket ticket from air asia. sadly speaking, it was just for ine person. so who wants to buy a ticket to phuket? and there were BELLY DANCERS also... hahahaha.



  • hehehehh...
  • 6.9.05

    sure hambar...

    helped out a little in sure heboh 2005 last weekend. huh... 'hambar'. maybe its just not my thing. heheh, loads of BBNU (Budak2 Baru Nak Up). feels like i'm gettin old.


    merdeka after merdeka...

    huh! at last, merdeka has past, and now i'm merdeka, from the loads of work at the office. organizing something aint that easy. our company was helping out maxis organizing a rally. a volenteering program. its not a rally actually. its more of a convoy. its called 'maxis -national press club, merdeka rally for humanity, 2005'. its an event where a convoy of cars and superbikes collect donations for a few orphanage and retarded children.

    i was in charge of designing. my team? just me and pipi... huh. we were to design everything for this rally. from bunting to t-shirts to backdrop and etc. such tiring work. we had so much to do in so little time. the assignment was given to me on the first day back from borneo. it went uphill day by day, up until merdeka day where a few of us had to stay back at the office till 1 am on the merdeka day. and we were to gather again at 5 am... it was so tiring but it was worth it.

    yup, it was worth it. seeing the chidren smile and happy is priceless. heh, i even won a smart tag for the lucky draw.


    borneo business 3

    kota kinabalu. its a nice place. tough the absence of mamak stall is felt. after reaching kk early in the morning, we rested and then got ready to go to poring. had a terrific time there. wanna go there again for sure! and would really like to climb mount kinabalu. i regret the fact that we didnt had the opportunity to do so. stayed a night there, in dorm. rm12 per person, and a dorm can fit up to 8 persons, mixed guys and girl. cool, espacially if there some horny europian girl in your dorm, hahahahaha!

    so, around 2pm we left poring and went sight seeing on our way back to kk, except jamal (went to keningau). reached kk at evening. we went to 'pasar filipin' (if that's how it is spelled) the others had ikan bakar. noi and ash were to eave on saturday, while payed, jamal and i were to leave on sunday. nothing much happened after that. except that i had to eat my 'terap' fruit which i wanted to bring home. the mas wasnt to particular about the smell. but when i reached tawau to take my flight back to kl, airasia said i couldnt put it in cargo. heh, so i had to eat them.

    so now i'm back in kl and after 2 weeks i finaly finish my tale. hahah, too many work. i'll write about it later. its time to go home and rest. its been a loooooooong and busy week.