merdeka after merdeka...

huh! at last, merdeka has past, and now i'm merdeka, from the loads of work at the office. organizing something aint that easy. our company was helping out maxis organizing a rally. a volenteering program. its not a rally actually. its more of a convoy. its called 'maxis -national press club, merdeka rally for humanity, 2005'. its an event where a convoy of cars and superbikes collect donations for a few orphanage and retarded children.

i was in charge of designing. my team? just me and pipi... huh. we were to design everything for this rally. from bunting to t-shirts to backdrop and etc. such tiring work. we had so much to do in so little time. the assignment was given to me on the first day back from borneo. it went uphill day by day, up until merdeka day where a few of us had to stay back at the office till 1 am on the merdeka day. and we were to gather again at 5 am... it was so tiring but it was worth it.

yup, it was worth it. seeing the chidren smile and happy is priceless. heh, i even won a smart tag for the lucky draw.

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freedom_fighter said...

ape lagi ..dah ada smart tag ... tl dah save dah .. minyak jer laaa.. jalan2 laaa