borneo business 3

kota kinabalu. its a nice place. tough the absence of mamak stall is felt. after reaching kk early in the morning, we rested and then got ready to go to poring. had a terrific time there. wanna go there again for sure! and would really like to climb mount kinabalu. i regret the fact that we didnt had the opportunity to do so. stayed a night there, in dorm. rm12 per person, and a dorm can fit up to 8 persons, mixed guys and girl. cool, espacially if there some horny europian girl in your dorm, hahahahaha!

so, around 2pm we left poring and went sight seeing on our way back to kk, except jamal (went to keningau). reached kk at evening. we went to 'pasar filipin' (if that's how it is spelled) the others had ikan bakar. noi and ash were to eave on saturday, while payed, jamal and i were to leave on sunday. nothing much happened after that. except that i had to eat my 'terap' fruit which i wanted to bring home. the mas wasnt to particular about the smell. but when i reached tawau to take my flight back to kl, airasia said i couldnt put it in cargo. heh, so i had to eat them.

so now i'm back in kl and after 2 weeks i finaly finish my tale. hahah, too many work. i'll write about it later. its time to go home and rest. its been a loooooooong and busy week.


fRh bustaman said...

hey kau ptt try naik gunung tu. dan rasa serik mcm aku hahaha :P

beli gelang ke kat pasar filipine? gile byk gelang .. dgn pearls.

kau xgi pasar gaya ek? hari ahad. pasar tu lg chare

zaidi said...

riep...apsal muka ko cam jimi?

dgtalwar said...

jimi?.... jimi the jimbo?