School Holidays 2009 -week1

Started the school holidays by picking my wife at lcct.
Rented a car for a month, just for these school holidays.
Just a kelisa, but it surely was worth it.
It cost me about RM 30 / day only
Had a great school holiday :)

The first weekend we celebrated Aidil Adha at my kampung.
Its the first time for Jamal to visit both my kampung...
We first went to my grandma's place in Sg Air Tawar,
Went to the 'beach' in BNO.

Then head up to Bentong to see my other grandma..
We visited my mom's grave too.

Later that day, we set up to Chamang Waterfall.
We set up camp and later found out that we were the only ones camping out there that day.
Kinda scary... huhuh

We had a blast!


School Holidays are over

Really need to update my blog.. haha...
Had a really packed school holiday.
Will update more about that soon.
p/s: Nearly recovered from what the doctor diagnosed me as acute bronchitis.
What a way to start a new year. huhuhu