twinkle twinkle little star...

twinkle twinkle little star,
all is good for so far...
except for some bruises and some scar.

it's the second day here in terengganu. the resort we're staying in is quite nice. last night i went to the sea side with jamal. we just talked and gazed into the star filled sky. enjoying god's creation... 100% pure. nothing synthetic about it, well... i think. maybe there are a few artificial satelite among those stars, but i bet it doesn't shine as bright.

actually i'm a bit tired right now. maybe its the weather. its totaly hot during the day, and we've been moving inside and outside the air-conditioned hall frequently. huh... if this goes on for a week or so, every one of us would surely fall sick.

tomorrow's the registration day. i'm in charge of traffic control. maybe its time for some shut-eyes

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