watch war of the world last friday with jamal. heh, awesome effects man! but i have to say it was totally a no-brainer.if those aliens were planing to invade earth some millions of years ago, why not do it then? when their tech were a zillion years ahead of us! okay, nizam said they waited that long just to study the human race. duh... why aren't there any fail safe plan? maybe a zombie would say it was logical. another thing, if those aliens were so advance, why cant they invent something better then a motion detector? is that the best they can do? they can at least use a thermal detector or some kinda infra-red device, duh! c'mon man... even hapis(pet) robots in the robofest competition can do better than that! as if the aliens were on a tight budget. and that racheal kid, huh, was she really claustrophobic? she didn't even scream for her mom when she was put in a small cage waiting for death. i know that i'd be screaming my guts out if i was in that situation. that soldier in the same cage, why must he wait till the hero to be sucked to take action? nobody helped the poor guy which was sucked before the hero. well i guess that guy wasn't that important. about the ending, i dont wanna say a thing. i know u can figure it out by yourself.


dgtalwar said...

lek la.... kan diorang berlakon ikut skrip.... so gi marah la yg tukang tulih skrip

freedom_fighter said...

dah la alien tu tanam benda tu kat dalam tanah .. takkan la manusia tak perasan ketika nak buat underground piping sewer dsb? .. benda tu besar sial!

dgtalwar said...

dah si tukang tulih skrip tulih jgn korek kat tempat tu... so diorang x korek la kat tempat tu