Mr Misfortune

Hahaha, It's been a while since i update my blog.

The Relay for life went very well. It was really fun. Even though I didn't achieve my goal of 100 laps. (I just did about 80 laps that day)

I had a mask almost the whole event and became a mysterious guy hahaha...
Made many friends with that mask... and scared a few kids too.
Many wanted to take pictures with the mystery guy.
I even had my picture taken with Joanna Bessey.

Thanks to all that had donated for the fund raising.
Me and my colleague had really collected quite a huge amount.

Few days after the relay, I had an accident.
D@mn driver... never signaling and do what ever you want.
I received 5 stitches just because of your negligence!
Now I'm way out off budget!

Had to take 3 day mc because of that reckless pakcik.
My life have been haywire ever since.
So much to be done and so little time.
I even had not been able to catch a full euro game.

Speaking of which, my favorite team lost to Holland 3-0 at their last match.
What a bummer...

Oh yeah, I also flunked 1 paper last term.
Have to repeat that subject all over again.

Whatever... Now, I'll just have to concentrate on the task at hand.
My current big project is on Climate Change!

Hahaha... good for me.
Just hope that I wont spoil this one.

I can only hope for the best....


suya said...

erkkkss...luka itu sgt besar....

syafira said...

adeiii ngilu .. pepun ati2 n smoga cepat sembuh..