Owh.. my work has been keeping me exxxxxxxxxtra busy lately.
Been feeding on m&ms, marvelous maruku (from shop called sangeetha), fast food and lots of caffeine.

Been doing a climate change project.
Guess which county is in the top 5 list for being responsible of releasing anthropogenic CO2 in the atmosphere?

Yes... our beloved Malaysia.
I even had a chat with Gilbert Rochecouste (one of al gore's climate change speakers).
He totally agree that we (Malaysian) aren't doing enough for the environment.
Shame on us!

I also stole some precious time (1 working day) for the adobe masters workshop!
Had a wonderful time & gained lots of new knowledge.
Thanks to the masters, Rufus Deuchler , Greg Rewis, Paul Burnett, and Jason Levine.
Really hope that there'll be a next time.

owh.. sepinya tatkala bz ni.


chucky said...

org msia,
cakap lebih
buat x mau
maksud aku org lain laaaa

|xahirah| said...

tak perlu malu. bg saya, fakta tu bias. malaysia nye population padat. so, kira logik la emission co2 tu. tapi amerika orang nye sikit. co2 bebas sama banyak ngan kite.. ever wonder why amerika tak nak sign protokol berkatian emission co2? hmm.. gotta think over that too, okay?

Anonymous said...

ngentum ku ma kaa....
hahahhahaha...rindu sapa tu arip suparjo...???

syntheticsoul said...

hahaha... kantoi :P
siapakah gerangan kamu anonymous?

jamal said...

its "ngentomku ma kaa" ;)