several scatered sheep stickers spoted ...

OMG! Several sheep seen in various spots!

Serdang. Campaigning for the environment.

Seremban. Enjoying the scenery and supporting cleanliness. (also @ a petrol station)

Machap. Relaxing at an R&R.

Skudai. At the fuel pump, waiting for the next fuel hike.

Machap. Another sheep supporting cleanliness.

Hehehe... there are more sheep still missing in action!

Seen them?


mangosteenskin said...

encik kambing yang cool...ada di mana2. hihi.

chucky said...

biar betul arip????

hazairin.budiman said...

hahah.. cool, hahah..

sHibI said...

such a cute sheep~ by the way..hello~!