The finals are over but still I feel quite tied up.
Last weekend was packed... and so will the future weekends too.
(thinking of doing relay for life at the end of this month....)

Had a blast doing abseiling at sungai pisang waterfall.
The place was great, not as much pollutions like the other Malaysian recreation sites.
It was conducted by Moque and his 3 friends.
Went there with Wafi, Cham, Qadier, Nizo, Awek Nizo, Amin, Pejal, Nurul and Man.
It was my first time doing time it and I really enjoyed it.

Due to the Thomas Cup fever (haah, we just lost to China),
I will be playing badminton with my officemates this weekends.
I think, the last time I played badminton was like when I was in Form2.

p/s: tag kau aku buat lambat skit ya surie... tak best lak letak tag jer bebanyak

Anima sana in corpore sano

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