Finals - final part

The exams are over... phew!
finally freedom is mine!
now i can concentrate on other things in life.

Its a pity that jamal had a short vacation outside terusan sugut when i was too tied up with the final examinations.

owhh.. i've been tag by mangosteenskin.
Gotta go home n search for some old pictures for that tag :P

forward march!


sEapUt "c@ said...

sI kAMbinG gAgAh pErKAsa..
dADa beRkeTAk2 tuh... =p

mangosteenskin said...

heeyaahh!!! akhirnya bebas jua. horray! horray!

rainingheaven said...

yeah!! it's over.. then your kambing very free right? can i ajak your kambing gi jalan2?

_s.u.e.r.i.e said...

arep.. ko tag aku utk entry mane? aku nk refer pn aku tataw.. hehe

syntheticsoul said...

entry yang atas nih la

_s.u.e.r.i.e said...

oh kk.. smlm lom kua lg mase aku post :D