Semester Break!

Yeah! The finals are finally over... at least for me.
Had a fever for my last paper, and had to study by listening to others while snuggling inside a sleeping bag.
Just hope that its enough for me to pass the paper.

Planning to watch wolverine tonight.
Missed so many movies lately, due to extreme studying (haha).


ummi mien said...

hv a gud rest!take care

jamal said...

sian dia... nanti i kasi dodoi aa.. ehehe

Tini Rahim said...

extreme studying?? whoa kalo tak dpt dean's list tatau la...

sEapUt "c@ said...

yeah!! very extreame studying lo kite.. (huhu)
soklan sume cam hampeh.. adeh!! hopely aku lulus sume..

*sleeping bag biru tu cam kenai jak.. hahaha

syntheticsoul said...

haha.. sleeping bag sponsored by seaput. hahaha